Yerba Mate CBSe

Before introducing the yerba mate CBSe it is essential to highlight the history of the CBSe which will help in boosting the positive reputation of the brand. The activities of the CBSe started back in 1978 from a town in the San Francisco. The founder of the CBSe Orquera Florentino himself discovered the true amalgamation of the yerba mate with the help of the herbs which resulted in the blended yerba mate for the first time. Today you cannot find a larger producer of the flavored and the blended yerba mate than the CBSe in the globe.


Following are some of the most distinguished and most demanded entities that are being introduced by the CBSe.


Yerba mate with stem


This is one of the original and the genuine form of yerba mate that is being produced for over 90 years. It is the fact that whenever the yerba mate is milled along with the stem, leaves and the dust, a unique and tasty flavor is obtained which is truly unmatchable in taste. There are a number of different techniques that are taken into account for the processing of the yerba mate which totally depends on the user’s desire of getting yerba to brew.


Pure leaf yerba mate


This is one of the new addition of the yerba mate CBSe which is currently available in the market. This edition of the yerba is also demanded internationally due to its unique composition. The processing of this edition is carried out by eliminating the stem and the dust out in order to produce the pure, stronger and the bitter flavor.


Special blends


Along with producing above edition, there exist a special blend that is astonishingly growing very quick as compared to other editions of the yerba mate CBSe. The unique flavor of the special blends consummates the introduction of the herbal blends, mint and the boldo to give a more refreshing taste.

7 Top Herbs that Give you a Healthy Boost

The use of herbs to prevent and treat ailments has been recorded since time immemorial. The good thing is that even the most exotic herbs online. The good thing is that herbs can also be used in many dishes giving you the double benefits of taste and heath.


This is a well-known for aromatherapy. It is good for women suffering from morning sickness. The cool feel of this herb is useful in opening up blocked nostrils, and cooling irritated skin. Peppermint is also used to soothe irritated bowels and relieve pain during bowel movements.


Sage has been seen to slow down deterioration of people with Alzheimer’s disease. The herb prevents the breakdown of acetylcholine which is a chemical messenger in the brain. However, sage can be used by both old and young people.


Turmeric has curcumin, a strong antioxidant. This combats inflammation reducing joint pains and reducing risks of cancer. Turmeric is an ideal anti-aging agent as it reduces breakdown of skin cells. It can also reduce chances of dementia.


Your Shopping for herbs online should include this herb if you have a sweet tooth. Cinnamon is good in lowering blood sugar. It has a compound called cinammaldehyde which lowers triglycerides I the blood and breaks down cholesterol. It has been observed that people who have a daily intake of 1-6 grams of cinnamon per day are at a lower risk of diabetes.

Holy basil

This herb is considered holy in India hence the holiness setting it apart from regular or Thai basil. It has strong antibiotic and antifungal effects which prevent growth of several types of bacteria, molds and yeasts.  Regular holy basil intake improves body immunity. It can also lower blood sugar levels.


This herb has been used for libido treatment in ayurvedic medicine although the findings have been inconclusive. A proven effect has however been observed in lowering of blood sugar. The plant protein 4-hydroxyisoleucine makes the hormone insulin more effective.


This is a must have item shopping for herbs online. Studies have shown that intake of 2 grams of ginger can reduce the risks of colon cancer. It is also ideal for combating nausea in pregnant women and people under chemotherapy.

How to include spices in your diet

For someone whose diet for the better part of their lives has been without spices, it might be difficult to get used to the idea of adding them to regular food. Here are some fun ways to incorporate spices into food without having to change the way you prepare your food;

  • Some spices such as cloves, cinnamon and nutmeg can be eaten raw and they only need to be exposed to heat to release their flavor and active ingredients. You can sprinkle these onto your morning beverage without going into the hustle of too much preparation.
  • For spices that have a burning taste such as ginger, you can add them to sweeter foods like yoghurt which will mask the flavor allowing you to have an exotic tasting snack full of healthy goodness.
  • When garlic is exposed to heat, it loses some of the sting and can be eaten without actually cooking it with food. To eat garlic in its raw form, it can be grilled when wrapped in foil and then incorporated into a sandwich with other ingredients such as tomatoes and lettuce.
  • Mint leaves are a good cold and flu reliever and the best way to take them is orally. Adding the leaves to a cup of hot water, tea or fruit extract allows you to consume the spice in its most natural form when it is most potent.
  • A serving of fruit salad can be spiced up by sprinkling citrus zest or cardamom just before it is eaten. The flavor of the spices not only compliments the taste of the other fruits but also makes the serving more enjoyable to eat.
  • Rosemary is one of the most versatile spices popular in many parts of the world. It can be added to meat dishes before grilling or sprinkled into a kettle of boiling water to make a beverage. Did you know that fruits are grilled to intensify their taste? Add rosemary to a bowl of fruit before you place it in the oven to grill.

As it is, there is a spice that is compatible with every dish. If the blend of flavors works for you, then it is good.

Tea infusers – do it right

If you love tea and always look forward to drinking the tea that serves you with the best flavor, you would definitely go for the tea leaves rather than the tea leaves. When it comes to talking about the tea leaves, you would have to use a tea infuser in order to have your dried tea leaved turn into a hot boiling cup of tea. In a tea infuser, all you need to do is to put in some amount of dried tea leaves and then brew them. You can also call the tea infuser as a tea maker as it makes really amazing tea for the tea lovers. Although it requires you to do some extra work however, the taste that comes out of it is worth the effort.


How to prepare tea properly:

If you are new to this process, you need to ensure that you follow some simple steps in order to have the tea made with the most amazing taste ever. First you need to take some water. Make sure that you use fresh water. If you use old and stale water, the tea wouldn’t turn out to be as tasty as you want it to. Now start boiling the water and stop on the right time as timing is quite important. Now brew the tea leaves in it. The timing of this brewing also depends on the kind of tea leaves that you are using.


Funny or clever designs:

If you are looking forward to buying a tea infuser, you will be surprised on the number of options that will be available for you. You can buy a number of amazingly designed infusers which are available online. You can even get your hands on an infuser that looks like your favorite cartoon character.

Teapot and cups sets. Drink with class

If you are a tea lover, I am sure you love to stock up your rack with amazingly designed teapots as well as the cup sets. Serving your guests with the most good looking tea pots and cup sets must be your ultimate joy ever. If you are done with buying the best quality teapots from the local markets, you must be urging to have something different. If this is so, you need to go ahead and find some pretty looking tea pots online. There are a number of websites online that provide you with teapots and cup sets.


  1. Fabfurnish:

If you are looking forward to buying a tea set that not only looks good but at the same time is quite affordable, you need to visit the site Fabfurnish. The website is known for a wide variety of inexpensive tea sets.


  1. Overstock:

Overstock is also one of the most sought after websites that will provide you with a great collection to choose from. Once you visit the website, you would want to buy large stocks of items from there.


  1. Amazon:

Amazon, the website which is loved by the millions all over the world, also comes up with a great variety of tea sets. You can buy the cheapest one as well as the most expensive one from there.


How to choose the design?

When you decide to buy the Teapot and cup set, make sure that you buy them according to the time at which you need to show it off. If you most of the times get guests coming to your place in the evening, go for the darker colors. However, on the contrary if you mostly have your guests during the day time, buying the funky sets that are lighter in color would be the best option for you.